Valle dell`Orfento to L`anello di Ponte de Vallone

Here we being at the Majella visitors centre in Caramanico and trek out of the village to the valley which has been created by the river Orfento. We walk on on the hillsides of lush beech forests and get some wonderful views of the ravine and the mountains on the other side.


When we reach the Ponte de Vallone after an hour or so we can either continue to venture further into the valley or cross the river and walk back toward Caramanico. We choose to go back on the other side of the river and walk by several information signs talking about the protected flora and fauna you can come across in the Orfento valley. Towards the end of the trek we walk in an almost fairytale-like landscape, the high mountains lean over us and the river. We get the feeling of walking under a ceiling of lush greenery and mountains; water is rushing forward both in the river and from the mountain sides around us. We are amazed at how threes, shrubs and other vegetation can grab hold and grow on these steep mountains.



This is a lovely trek on a hot summer day when the shadow is highly appreciated!


Approximate time: 3 hours.



Ponte de Vallone






Description of the hike in Valle dell`Orfento


Åke Larsson ·   SKÖVDE ·