Ermeo di San Bartolomeo da Roccamorice

This hike takes us to the small chapel the hermit Pietro da Morrone lived in during the 13th century! This chapel is still in use today and is wedged into the mountain side! Pietro da Morrone became the Pope in 1250 and given the name Papa Celestino V. The 25th of August every year the whole region celebrates this with a hike to the chapel.


To find this magical place we drive to Roccamorice and follow sign to Blockhaus out of the village. After about 4km we turn right toward San Spirito, after around 200m we reach the starting point of this hike. We walk on a small road between fields and pastures, and after approximately 15 minutes we turn off the road onto the path toward Ermeo di San Bartolomeo. We walk across mountain sides with rich flora and wonderful views of the valley and mountain. Suddenly the path is turned into a staircase and we have reached the mountain ledge where the chapel is wedged into the rock wall. Here you will find a picnic area with table and benches, perfectly timed to have the packed lunch! Here you will feel the tranquility surround you, and if you are lucky maybe a monk or nun is visiting the chapel at the same time. Take the opportunity to ask about the history of the place and hear the magical stories of the chapel! Feel free to put a small contribution in the donations box inside the chapel to help the local townspeople continue caring and look after the chapel to ensure its future existence. When we have soaked up all the history and peace of this hidden gemstone we return the same way to the car.


This is a good half-day trip following in the footsteps of history!


Approximate time: 2 hours.


San Bartolomeo





Description of the hike to Eremo San Bartolomeo


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