Majella Nationalpark

Majella National Park, which also is called ’the Mother of the Mountains’ by the locals, is found in the most untouched and highest section of the mountain chain Apennines in central Italy. Majella National Park is one of three national parks within the province of Abruzzo, the other ones are Gran Sasso National Park and Abruzzo National Park. Abruzzo is also called ‘Italy’s lung’ due to the large proportion of protected nature within the province, either in the form of national parks or natural reserves.


Majella National Park consists of more than thirty (30) mountains tops over 2000 meters above sea level, quite impressive! Between these maintains there are imposing ravines with or without rivers at their bottoms. The mountain sides are largely covered by beech forests, and in this special nature you can find two thirds of Italy’s flora and fauna! In the world of animals you can come across both wolves and bears as the most spectacular ones, but also otters, deer, wild boars and many more!

Here you will find unlimited possibilities for hiking in a varied nature for everyone! Hike in areas above the treeline with vast landscapes beneath your feet or explore ravines with caves and climbing walls which will challenge you to a true adventure. Enjoy long, beautiful hikes on the sides of the mountains surrounded by beech forest or make your way up to one of the mountain tops which reaches taller than 2000 meters above sea level! Or bring the camp chair, find your own little space and enjoy the views, the fresh air and the tranquility! And of course the packed lunch!

Facts:Decontra med vy mot Monte Amaro
Area: 740 ha
Wilderness area 250 ha, (34% av total area)
Number of visitors per year: 540 000
Marked hikes: 500 km

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