Explore Caramanico, Majella och Abruzzo

In Abruzzo there are three national parks up in the mountains, but there is also a long coast line by the Adriatic sea with amazing beaches. Between the mountains and the sea you will find many charming villages and a farm land with numerous olive groves and vineyards. A rolling landscape with lots to explore, we have only just started this journey! Below we will share our favourites, and add more as they are discovered!

Wineyards in Abruzzo

The last weekend of May every year Cantine Aperte Abruzzo holds a ‘Open vineyard’, which is a wonderful opportunity to visit the different vineyards. A few years ago we were in Caramanico during this particular weekend and got to take part in the event. During two days between 30 and 40 vineyards are open for visitors, they arrange horseback riding among the grapes or a lesson in the production of wine, sometimes both or other activities! The program varies between all farms; some are small family run business producing only a small number of bottles each year of a very particular type of wine. Others are large enough to export wine to other countries, Sweden included! Naturally tastings are included at the different vineyards and often a small taste of local food is available as well! A nice and good way to buy local wine!


On our drive around the vineyards we had the good fortune to meet a wine expert from CantinArte, she is now a dear friend of ours! CantinArte runs a vineyard on the hillsides outside Bucchianico. Their family business also grows olives and produces a very good red wine alongside olive oil of a high quality.


We recommend a visit to Museo dellÓlio di CantinArte! A museum where the guide takes you on an olives journey from the tree to the table! Tasting of Oropuro olive oil and the red wine Rossopuro from CantinArte is often included in the tour!


Link to website: CantinArte

Restaurants in the surroundings

Here we will add recommendations to our favourites, restaurants where we have spent lovely evenings with good food and drinks!



Restaurant Il Cervo, Decontra

In the small village Decontra you can find this village restaurant where the atmosphere is simple and homey. Il Cervo serves traditional Italian cuisine with its specialities from the Abruzzo region. The staff is always happy to help you assemble a three course meal, you will not be disappointed!

Decontra is located around 6 km outside of Caramanico.

Link to website: Il Cervo

Boende alternativ i Caramanico Terme

Först naturligtvis vårt eget hus, Casa con Travi!
Men vi rekommenderar även Antico Borgo B&B och Duca degli Abruzzi där vi har hyrt in oss under de besök vi gjort i Caramanico före vi fick ett eget hus! Båda hyresvärdarna är nu mycket goda vänner till oss! Tack vare deras gästfrihet och bemötande är Caramanico så speciellt för oss!

Casa con Travi
House to rent, perfect for 4 guests.
Link to website: Casa con Travi

Antico Borgo B&B
A lovely B & B in the middle of the old village! Antico Borgo has 16 beds offering and a lovely little garden to eat breakfast!
Link to website: Antico Borgo B&B

Duca degli Abruzzi
Two apartments with double bedroom and kitchen opposite the school in old village! One of the apartments has a little balcony facing the street!
Link to website: Duca degli Abruzzi

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