Rent a piece of our Abruzzo

Rent a house in Caramanico Terme, Abruzzo, something for you who enjoy hiking, climing, skiing or just soak up all that is Italy! Explore Majella National Park and its wild and untouched nature; only two and a half hour from Rome and 45 minutes from Pescara.

Casa con Travi is a house from the 17th century located in the small mountain village of Caramanico Terme! Perfect for four people, the house consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living room, kitchen and a lovely terrace. Casa con Travi is fully furnished and equipped with all you need for a successful visit. You live right in the centre of daily life with bakery, butchers and green grocers just around the corner. Restaurants, cafés and ice cream parlours you will share with the local residents in the evenings!

We would love to share our favourite part of Abruzzo with you, book a week or two in our house, Casa con Travi, on Via San Maurizio! If you are willing to take the risk, the possibility of becoming a fan of Caramanico is large. We promise!

How did we find our way to Caramanico?

As always when we are exploring a new region we take all the opportunities we can to try as many cappuccinos as possible! This was the case when we drove into the small village of Caramanico, parked the car and started walking. We found a café and ordered one cappuccino each. We soaked up the tranquillity, the views and the mountains that surround the village. We did not want to move on… When next year’s vacation was being planned there was no question about it, we wanted to return to ‘our’ village! And here we are now, with our own house, in ‘our’ Caramanico!

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Majella Nationalpark – a must to explore!

Majella National Park is one of three national parks in the Abruzzo region. In Caramanico Terme you can find one of the visitors centres for the park. Therefore it is a perfect place for hiking and other adventures to begin.


We have a few real favourites which gives a small taste of the variety this landscape offers. These are locations and activities we regularly return to.


  • Valle dell’Orfento with its lush valley along the river
  • Ermeo San Bartolomeo with its small chapel wedged into the rock wall
  • Passo San Leonrado with its lovely meadows and tall mountains
  • Blockhaus high above the treeline with its magnificent views towards the ocean about 20km away.


We would love to share Majella, this unknown gemstone, with you and we will keep on adding new favourites to our website.
So keep an eye out!



Åke Larsson ·   SKÖVDE ·